Cat Guitars Collection

This site Cat Guitars Collection was created with the intention to show to the world some of the guitars that I own and collect and also some of the guitars that I build myself.

I love guitars and for that reason I decided many years ago that I would start a collection and after many years collecting guitars the collection grow to a reasonable number.

Now after having so many guitars I decided that should be better to sell some of them because I don’t have the time necessary to take care of all them as they deserve and for this reason I decided to create this site.

At first I think to sell them on ebay but after to see how much they charge on selling fees ,about 10% of the sale price,I abandoned the idea and instead of increasing the sale price for covering the ebay fees,I prefer to sell them direct to the future owners.

 The guitars that will be on sale will have the selling price displayed on the top of the blog page,if the price is not there is because the guitar is not for sale.or was already been sold.

 On the guitars that are for sale I will try to ask for a fair price according to the state of conservation of the guitar and rarity on the market, the price is not negotiable,because if I don’t sell it for the asked price I prefer to keep it on my collection.

If you encounter a guitar that you would like to buy see the page How to Buy and there you encounter all the details on how to make the purchase.

  Many years ago before I starting to like guitars and  change my job to Guitar Luthier  I was a electronics technician and repaired  many guitar Amplifiers especially tube amps.

That knowledge allow me to modify and build some amps that I build for some local customers ,but the increasing amount of work on the Luthier Work let me to abandon the building of amps,and concentrate my attention almost exclusively on the guitars.

  But now after almost 25 years dedicated to the guitars and after seeing the actual fashion of custom handmade boutique amps my passion for amps reborn again and I am again making custom amps for guitarists that trust me to build the amp of his dreams.

  I will try to show some of the amps that I will be making from now on this blog watch the pages Amps,Cat Custom Amps and Current Jobs.

For ending this intro I would like to say thanks to all of you that came to my site and after reading this intro have know I little more about me and what I do ,if you want to know even more about me and see how do I look,visit the page about me and you encounter a more detailed biography about my life and interests .


Carlos Tavares