Ibanez Jem 555


           Ibanez Jem Jr 555  Custom Red Color

                                                                  Price  £ 795     1000 Euros

        IBANEZ Jems 555 are made in Korea instead of Japan .

Maybe you are saying   I did not know that Ibanez have this model in this color ”RED”

Ok You are right they only do this model in BLACK or WHITE  .

The reason why this guitar is painted in RED is because a customer wanted to buy this guitar but wanted it in RED,so he payed to me to repaint the guitar in red,and after the job was done he had a car accident and could not to buy the guitar for financial reasons. 

So now I have  this guitar for selling and before reverting the paint colour to the original WHITE I will post it here ,because maybe someone like it in RED and it is ready to go.

After some time and if nobody will be interested  maybe I will revert it again to its original WHITE color or I will keep it on my collection.

The guitar is brand new and have never been played since I have it on my collection,the only changes that are made are the tuning pegs that have been replaced because two of the original ones have a gear problem,and for that reason I substitute them for a set of the same kind but the color is gold because I could not find ones of the same model in chrome.

 All the remaining is 100% original and the guitar has a great sound compared to the more expensive Jem Models, I can say this because I have more two Jems on my collection.